biography Katja Schuster

Katja Schuster was born and grew up in the beautiful north of Germany. Right after school she decided for study for an Interior Design degree at „FH Heiligendamm“ (later the venue for the G8 Summit). Since completing her studies, Katja   has built on her passion for creating complete interior design concepts, with practical experience in many different locations, homes and businesses.

Katja’s love of Berlin developed while working at Metropolis Architects during her studies.  She has made Berlin her home since 1999.

Working for Dr. Karlheinz Wendisch (at that time the President of the Berlin Association for Architecture, Katja began with first drafts for residential projects and moved on to developing urban planning concepts for areas such as Berlin Köpenick.

After a working in store design and construction for large food courts, Katja started the longest and most formative work experience period as Interior Designer for Anne Maria Jagdfeld. She worked on projects such as Grand Hotel Heiligendamm and Adlon Day Spa Berlin. For projects such as Ma/Uma Restaurant Tim Raue Adlon, the Adlon presidential suite, and the common areas in Seehotel Überfahrt Althoff Rottach-Egern, she led the complete interior design and planning process, from initial concept to end-result.

Katja’s work at Bruzkus Batek architects in Berlin completed and consolidated her knowledge in hotel and private residency design.

Today she lives in Berlin with her husband and son.